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Peltor Bulls Eye 3 Ear Defenders

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The 3M Peltor Hearing protector capsule bull' Eye III has been developed in close collaboration with world-class sports protect specially designed for hunting and shooting. The foldable ear combines highest security with an extremely comfortable fit. This model has green capsules and a dam value of SNR = 35 dB. The high safety of the bull 'Eye III is based on an innovative double shell technology, which resonance in the inside of the capsule minimises and maximum insulation of high frequencies. The advantage: Conversations and warning signals are still well to understand. An acoustic connection between the capsule inner area and the area between the tray achieves an optimal insulation low frequencies. For a perfect fit, the soft, wide sealing rings made from foam. At the same time minimizes the generous space under the capsules build-up of heat and sweat and guarantees a comfortable wearing. For a constant low pressure even for a long period of application, the low bracket as well as the two-point suspension made of stainless steel. The bracket is variably adjustable and thanks to the ergonomic shape fits perfectly to any head shape. The 3M ™ Peltor™ Capsule Bull' Eye III is perfect for all hunting and shooting sports activities.

  • Chamfered edges at the lower part of the capsule prevent the ear protector and the end of the rifle piston interfere with each other.
  • Wide, comfortable sealing rings
  • Sealing cushions and inserts are easy to exchange and thus hygienically clean
  • Simple insulation icon to ensure the correct product selection
  • Unique, low headband design helps to keep a constant pressure
  • Generous space under the capsules helps to reduce heat build-up and sweating
  • With a combination of liquid and foam filled
  • Modern, sleek casing design
  • Soft, wide sealing rings ensure optimal sealing, low pressure and high wearing comfort.