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Eggnogg Easter Colour In Giant Tablecloth Poster

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Eggnogg Colour-in tablecloths are a fun-filled colouring-in craft activity for all ages and all occasions.

Packed full of quirky characters, interesting animals and iconic objects, they’re perfect for children’s parties, restaurant visits, weddings, holidays, rainy days and playtime anytime.

Eggnogg Colour-in tablecloths bring a little calm into the day; the perfect antidote to all that screen time.

Bigger (1270mm x 950mm) than most ‘giant’ colouring-in posters on the market.

Works equally well as a tablecloth, poster and play mat and even as wrapping paper.

Made from special, durable, FSC accredited paper.

Suitable for coloured pencils, crayons, pastels, chalks, paints and felt tips.