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Craft Buddy

Craft Buddy Crystal Art Scroll Kit 35cm x 45cm - Spring Chintz - Full Crystal

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This fabulous Crystal Art Scroll kit allows you to create a stunning piece of wall art to display in your home, using the Crystal Art technique.

The scroll comes pre-attached to attractive wooden hanger bars - simply hang onto a nail or hook in the wall, when you've completed your project.

The concept is similar to painting by numbers. Each design has a numbered, adhesive template.

Use the tool to lift up the coloured resin gems and place them on the corresponding numbered dots.

The technique, also known as "diamond painting" or "diamond art", is a relaxing and therapeutic craft activity, suitable for adults and children (ages 8+) alike.

The result is a stunning piece of rhinestone art to display.

Product Contents :

Pre-mounted scroll, with stylish wooden hangers and hanging string.


Crystal pick-up pen.

Gel wax.

Bags for left over crystal gems.

Pre bagged and labelled crystals.

Step by step instructions.