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CosClay Liquid Mediums ~ 2 fl oz / 60ml

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Cosclay liquid mediums.

C1 SeparatorA non-toxic water based medium that creates a barrier film to separate between raw and cured Cosclay.

C1 Separator's features include:

- Bakeable in the oven
- Allows Cosclay to be used as a mold for Cosclay.
- Excellent for creating custom fitting ball jointed doll parts.
- Cleans off easily with water

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply to cured Cosclay surface with a brush. Dry thoroughly. Apply second coat and allow to dry. Add raw Cosclay to coated surface and bake at 275°F (135°C) for 30 minutes. Allow to cool. Cured contacted pieces will now separate completely.

C2 ClearbondA bakeable adhesive that creates a durable bond between two pieces of raw or cured Cosclay.

For adhesion between raw and cured Cosclay or cured to cured clay, clean surface(s) with alcohol and allow to dry. Roughen areas to be joined with sandpaper for optimal mechanical bond. Apply Clearbond to both surfaces evenly and join pieces together. Bake at recommended temperature.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: For uncured Cosclay, apply to both surfaces evenly and join pieces firmly together. Bake at recommended temperature.

BAKING INSTRUCTIONS: Bake at 275°F (135°C) for 30 minutes.

C3 SealerThis durable coating creates a satiny shine that forms a protective and flexible seal over your creation.

C3 Sealer's features include:
- Non-Yellowing Smooth Finish
- Crack Resistant
- Water Repellant
- Water Reduceable
- High Flexibility
- Strong Bond
- Airbrushable
- Color Tintable

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE : For best results apply with airbrush or by hand using a soft brush. Allow to dry thoroughly before handling.

NOTE: C3 is designed to be used for sealing cured Cosclay pieces only. This product is sensitive to Isopropyl Alcohol and will dissolve upon contact.

C4 FlexfloA liquid version of Cosclay that cures to a light gray finish. Flexflo can be colored before baking with alcohol inks and oil-based pigments for colored variations.

C4 Flexflo’s Features Include:
- Flexible and durable after baking
- Can be poured into molds for highly flexible, precise replications

BAKING INSTRUCTIONS: Bake at 275°F (135°C) for 30 minutes.