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Bisley Rope Dog Leads

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Rope dog leads by Bisley.

  • -Elite Slip leads:
Super tough 12mm x 60" rope leads. Features brass ring and rubber stopper.
Come in Purple, Red, Navy Blue or Green

  • -Deluxe Slip Lead
Gentle on wrist with strength and durability.
Comes in Red or Green

  • -Swivel rope slip lead
For dogs who like to spin. Traditional lead spliced with a swivel to stop the lead from twisting up. 8mm x 1.5m green braid deluxe rope.

-Hunting/Training Lead
Enables hands-free walking & training.
Total length unclipped = 250cm.
Total length from clip to end = 120cm.

  • -Tracking Line
8mm matt braid with clip and ring. 6m long.

  • -Heavy Duty Rope Slip Lead
15mm Green rope braid slip lead with leather stops